WATCH! WWF Animation to Protect Virunga National Park!

Pack your bags, gang - because we're heading to Africa to check out Virunga National Park... 

Located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Virunga National Park is Africa's oldest national park. And with its stunning savannah plains, lakes and forests, this incredible site is home to more species of mammals, birds and reptiles than any other park in Africa!

Unfortunately, Virunga National Park is at risk of being exploited for its oil, putting the wildlife and natural landscape under threat. 

But the good news is that action is being taken. As part of their Draw The Line campaign, which aims to keep oil exploration out of Virunga National Park, the WWF have released an animated film that brings the beauty of this precious place to life....

To find out more about the Draw The Line campaign, head to

Photos: Virunga National Park landscape and gorillas - Getty Images UK 

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Save the Gorilla's, we need to protect the gentle giants!
Fraser Mc
This has helped with my school project & made me want to share it with my Hythehill P5 class mates. Has gave me a lot to think about. Fab animation!
I hope the animals will be ok
so sad i don't want the Virunga National Park to get ruined the animals need it!!!
interesting and sad at the same tim e
Great video really touching
cool (and touching) video!
Maybe more info would be better.
Great info, just what I needed.
such a shame isn't it ?
it is seriously upsetting
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