National Geographic Photography Contest for Kids 2016: meet our winners!

At long last, it’s time to reveal the talented winners of the National Geographic Photography Contest for Kids 2016! Plus, we reveal the International winners...


The international winners!

Winners from ten different countries - Bulgaria, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Slovenia, the UK and the US - made it into the National Geographic International Photography Contest 2016. Check out the incredible winners, below. Well done, guys!

Grand prize winner (Dare to Explore): Dewi Baggerman, 11, Netherlands.

1st place (Amazing Animals): Maj Kastellic, 13, Slovenia.

1st place (Weird But True): Pan Yinzhi, 13, China.

1st place (Wild Vacation): Sanya Jain, 12, India.

2nd place (Dare to Explore): Riley Harlan, US.

2nd place (Amazing Animals): Jennifer Jayne Evans Koumbatis, Netherlands.

2nd place (Weird But True) Devananda Hardi, Indonesia.

2nd place (Wild Vacation): Ryan Hughes, US.


The UK winners!

National Geographic Kids Photography Contest for Kids 2016

Our celeb judges, Michaela and Reza, had a tough job!

Almost 2,000 talented young shutterbugs entered this year’s contest – and we loved looking through them all!


From parading peacocks and sensational sunrises to purr-fect pets and beautiful bumble bees, the quality and range of your images has blown us away.


Judges Reza and Michaela Strachan had a real struggle choosing their faves! Here are the winners and what they had to say about them...


Grand prize winner!

National Geographic Kids Photography Contest for Kids 2016

Anole on the Netting by Asher Flenner, 10

Asher snapped this brown and green anole sunbathing on the swimming pool netting while on his hols in Florida. The size of a child’s thumb, these little lizards have quite a temper, so Asher had to get very close and zoom in without scaring him.


Asher said: "I’m so shocked, I can’t believe it! I can't stop smiling! I’m incredibly excited that I've won a trip of a lifetime and an awesome camera. I can't wait to see the underwater wildlife and go on all the slides in the water park. Thank you!"


"This, for me, is an artwork. The photographer has chosen to capture these two elements – the plastic net, which is part of modern life – and this animal, which is as old as the dinosaurs. It’s just a genius work. And these animals go very fast – so it’s a good ‘catch’. Well done!” Nat Geo Kids judge REZA


"The symmetrical squares make it a very interesting picture. It’s aesthetically pleasing and I love that he’s chosen a lizard.” Nat Geo Kids judge Michaela


Weird but True winner!

National Geographic Kids Photography Contest for Kids 2016

Hitchin' a Windscreen Ride by Thomas Grattoni-May, 12

On a family holiday to Alberta, Canada, Thomas noticed this ‘alien-like’ bug on the windscreen of their car, and grabbed his mum’s camera to take a shot. Even after they started to drive away, it clung on, its long antennae blowing in the wind! 


"What a great photo! It’s an interesting insect, perfectly in focus. And through a windscreen – very clever.” Nat Geo Kids judge Michaela


"Unbelievably beautiful colours, and the composition is just perfect. It’s one of the most amazing pictures of an insect that I have seen!” Nat Geo Kids judge REZA


Dare to Explore winner!

National Geographic Kids Photography Contest for Kids 2016

Living on the Edge by Megan Davies, 10

Megan thought this little snail looked like it was exploring when she photographed it at the bottom of her garden on a dewy Autumn morning!


“It’s like a jigsaw! I love the fact that the snail is going to great effort to crawl up the leaf. It fits the category perfectly!” Nat Geo Kids judge Michaela


“What a beautfiul composition and colours! The yellow, red and green shapes are very nicely placed in the frame and our eyes follow the snail's path.” Nat Geo Kids judge REZA


Wild Vacation winner!

National Geographic Kids Photography Contest for Kids 2016

Walk On by Joshua Ritchie, 11

These neat rows of sandals belong to Buddhist nuns who had removed them before going inside to eat their dinner. Joshua snapped the intriguing pic while on an exciting holiday in Myanmar, Southeast Asia.


“This is a picture that paints a thousand words. I love that all the shoes are perfectly placed, and matching!” Nat Geo judge Michaela


“This image captures the mood of a vacation, but without showing palm trees or blue sea. It’s very nicely composed." Nat Geo judge REZA


National Geographic Kids Photography Contest for Kids 2016

Watching You by Max Barbaro, 11

Although this photo didn't win, our judges loved it so much that we just had to give it a special mention! Max's photo fell under our Dare to Explore category.


The first time Max saw this crow it flew away. But when he returned later, the bird was waiting for him!


"Technically it’s fantastic. He’s captured all the elements of this mysterious world – the fog, the forest and the bird, which looks like a guardian, or almost like it was carved out of the tree. The choice of black and white make it much more mysterious. Well done." Nat Geo judge REZA


International competition

All four of our category winners will be representing the UK and Ireland at the National Geographic International Photography Contest for Kids. They’ll compete against other Nat Geo Kids readers from around the world for the chance to win a trip to Washington D.C. in the US of A. Cool!


Check out all the shortlisted entries, below!

Amazing Animals

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow by Alex White, 13

Put It On My Room by Emma Guerman, 11

No Photos! by Katy Read

Scops Owl by Lily Cutts

Hitchhiker by Luca Oppenheimer, 13

Painted Lady by Noah Joseph, 11

Don’t BUG Me! by Scarlett Sprague, 13

Dare to Explore

Untitled by Chloe Plummer, 12

The Roof is On Fire by Harvey Karmazyn, 9

Poppy Macro Magic by Lachy Hogg, 9

Autumn Woodland Sunlight by Milly Johnston, 14

The Viaduct at Sunset by Olivia Mullan, 14

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words by Tanushri Flaherty, 12

Weird but True

Ouch! by Cara McCarney, 10

Seaside Superman by Ed Dawes, 13

Beach Time by Martin Rollier, 8

The Big Feet in the Clouds by Theodore Shishmanian

Wild Vacation

Essaouria Blues by Jessica Bolarinwa, 14

Kooky Coke Collector by Max Barbaro, 11

Float to the Top by Rebecca Slaney, 13

What Time Do You Call This by William Pepper, 12


The prizes

The Bahamas!

National Geographic Kids Photography Contest for Kids 2016

Our lucky winner Asher has scooped a sensational summer holiday with his striking photo of a little lizard! He will be jetting off for a week of sunshine in The Bahamas with his family, where they’ll snorkel with exotic marine life, meet the famous swimming pigs of ‘Pig Island’, and experience the thrills, spills and incredible waterslides at their fancy resort hotel – Atlantis, Paradise Island. It’s going to be incredible! Nice job, Asher!

Nikon cameras!

National Geographic Kids Photography Contest for Kids 2016

Our four fab category winners, Asher, Megan, Thomas and Joshua have each bagged an amazing Nikon D5500 digital  SLR camera, worth over £500! The 24.2-mega-pixel camera will help them capture unforgettable images, even in low light! Plus, the 8.1cm touch-screen monitor swivels so they can shoot pics in different directions and even film HD video! And built-in WiFi beams pictures straight to a computer in an instant. Cool!

National Geographic Kids Photography Contest for Kids 2016


Congrats to all of our winners — make sure you keep an eye out for next year's competition!


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