8th St Pancras Brownies

Our Brownie group went to a fun-filled event called KaBoom at the Science Museum, London, with loads of other Brownies!

We did cool experiments and learned awesome things about rockets, Isaac Newton and helium. We got to see a show where they launched a rocket made out of household items. Being there with all our Brownie buddies made the day even more fun!

Olive, Rowan, Tia-Elizabeth, Lola and Rebecca P, from 8th St Pancras Brownies

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Word! u r lucky.
I go to brownies. I am sixer of the pixie six.
Brownies sounds cool!
I want to join brownies it looks cool
What is inside that bowl ? Is it really good?
I go to that brownies and I am in the pixies six I also went on the Ka-boom trip and in 2 days I am going camping with them!
Olivia 123
Cool , wish I went P.S it sounds like its S.T pancakes
Olivia 123
Awesome , wish I went.
i go to brownies

8th St Pancras Brownies


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