Robin Zijdenbos, 11

At the beginning of my fantastic shark-feeding adventure, two tour guides gave me a quick overview of The Sea Life London Aquarium. Later, I met up with Jess, my marine biologist for the day. Check out some of the fascinating things I got learn about! 

Robin at The Sea Life London Aquarium

At first, I went behind the scenes and looked at some sick or injured animals in the animal hospital, called the 'quarantine'. We looked at a little fimbriated moray eel, who had gotten into a fight with his fellow tank-mates! We also looked at some beautiful white spotted jellyfish that looked a lot like boiled cauliflower. Did you know that jellyfish are kept in round tanks with jet streams in them because they are bad swimmers?! The jets push them round in circles so that they don't drown. Some sea nettle jellyfish were in the tank next to them. They leave nasty scars and sting a lot if you touch them.

Food preparation:
The sharks here get fed fish three times a week. Vitamins are stuffed in the fish bodies to help keep the sharks healthy. We mixed potassium and iodine into little vitamin caps that we pushed into slits in each of the fish. Then, we cleaned the ink off all of the octopus and squid that they feed to the smaller sharks.

Shark feed:
Jess and I went upstairs into a private feeding section above the biggest shark tank (1 million litres!). I threw in the squid and octopus, and then attached some mackerel to the end of a long pole from which the black-tipped reef sharks ate. Then, I fed the sand tiger sharks (named Zippy and Bungle), which were enormous! The people who work at Sea Life Centre here in London know all of the animals by name. Some of the sharks are real characters!

Fun facts:
- Did you know that the biggest shark tank in Sea Life holds 1,000,000 litres of water!?
- If a starfish loses its leg a new one grows back within a year!
- Corals are animals!
- Sharks can have up to 30,000 new teeth in a lifetime!

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I really love going to zoos and aquariums as I am the world's biggest animal lover!!!!!!!!!
nice picture
Wow! Sounds so exciting. I want to be a marine biologist.
I have been there! It's really fun, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Aoife xx
It sounds really cool! I can't wait to do it myself and write about what happened when I go there!
Sounds like fun!
I wish I was you!
really cool
Very good I like it very much.And I love animals a lot.

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