It's Raining Rhymes!

Love poetry? Enjoy reading about science? Then check this out, gang!

The year three pupils at Braunston Primary School in Northamptonshire have put their creativity to the test and written some brilliant poems about the water cycle! Take a look at some of our favourites...

Steam rising off Lake Placid, USA

The heat from the sun shines down on the lake,
And causes some water to evaporate,
Like a tornado expanding into the sky.

Whoosh the raindrops go up to the sky
In front of my eyes.
Into the crystal clear sky, 
What an amazing sight!

The water condenses together, and forms a cloud.
Some are big some are small, 
It depends how much gas forms together to make a cloud.

The water falls down from the cloud really fast,
Splat smash boom, splat smash boom!
The water hits the bottom of the lake, 
Splat splosh!



Water has a special routine
Calm, calm ocean so calm and silent.
The sun makes amazing droplets evaporate.
The heat forms a cloud, evaporating water rises.

When cold air blows harder and harder 
It makes it rain.
And it starts again
And it never stops!



Zoom gurgle the water droplets are trickling onto the ground.
Splash splash splash go the water droplets as they hit the ground. 
Splat splat!

After that the water gets soaked up to the sky and forms into clouds.
The clouds are blowing around 
From side to side in the mighty wind.

The water soaks up to the sun
which causes some water to evaporate. 
Next the water trickles down to the mighty cold river.

The water never stops.
The water is always on the go!



The first step is for the water to stay on the ground.
When it is on the wonderful waves it swirls around.
First to the left then to the right,
Around it goes.

The second step is for it to evaporate.
It is drained and then it vanishes up into the air.
Whoosh whoosh now look it is there.

Step number three is forming a cloud. 
The evaporated water will form into a cool cloud in the air.
Then is goes bang bang boom,
Thunder and lightning.
What will happen next in step four?

Step number four, last one to go before rain. 
Drip drip, pouring rain.
Pouring like a kettle pouring a cup of tea. 
If forms a lake.

The water cycle goes on like this,
On and on and on.
You get the hang of it.



Water is dropping it is flowing and it never stops, no way,
But when the wind blows the water starts to go.

Up up up and away it goes when the water evaporates.
It goes up into the clouds that we see,
Passing by all around.
Bubble bubble bubble nobody expects 
Bubble bubble what is next.

It goes down to the ground crash crash all around.
That is the water cycle now some people know.
Now it goes and goes all over again.


Your Comments

good facts for kids me and my frend like it
hi, these are some awesome poems that you have created. you have really got some talent.
Well done that was so good I don't think I'll be able to do that I told my family and they said that you done good my brothers and sisters liked it so much I just don't know what to say I'll say what I can brilliant,perfect,lovely and well done my whole family loved it
Wow Amazing poems
amazing poem!!
Amazing poems! Well done, Riley, Hayley, Lucy, Emmie and Isabelle!
Epic rhymes from Year 3!
Amazing! lol
How cool the poems of Year 3 of Braunston Primary School are on the National Geographic Kids website! Great job :-)

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