Sophia and Nadia Suleman Akhtar, 10 and 8

Hi NG Kids!

We won your Planet Protector of the Year competition 2013 and our amazing prize was a trip to Anna Maria Island, Florida! We went on a walk with the islands' Turtle Watch and found baby sea turtles in their nest! We ate chocolate brownies with cream from the Sandbar (definitely our favourite dessert ever!), and spent a lot of time relaxing on the beach, too. Thank you, National Geographic Kids  — we will never forget it!

Your Comments

great job you guys!!!!!!
My best friend moved for Miami to England. She had a swimming pool.
Wow, looks like you had loads of fun!
Very nice
Florida looks cool .

Finch Neville, 6


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Brynly Hobson, 12


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Black bears can sleep for up to seven months without eating or drinking.

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