Martha Ashby, 11

Sitting in my tent I can hear the rhythmic gallop of miniature ponies as they sweep by. This year for my summer holiday my Mum, Dad and I went camping in Dorset. It was a wonderful farm campsite with lots of animals. We had so many adventures there - you could walk the farm dogs, play with the adorable kittens and ponies, race go-karts and swim in the sea! We chased calfs out of tents, tried to save doughnuts from a hungry goat and crept to the toilets past mummy pig and her piglets without disturbing them. I made lots of new friends, had a great time and I hope to go there again next year.

Your Comments

Baby kitten
this pig is so cute!
I love your photo of the pig!!

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WATCH! Rio 2 Trailer!

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