Magical marble painting craft

Marble painting

Get crafty and create this awesome marble painting trick on almost anything, from cool cards to pretty pots - using only nail varnish and water!


Marble painting in four easy steps!


What you'll need


- Water

- Plastic container – such as an old takeaway dish

- Nail varnishes of different colours (cheap, old ones are fine)

- Cocktail stick

- Thick paper or card ready folded into cards that will fit into the container

- Plain vase, box or pot (optional)

- An adult to help!

Marble painting


Step 1

Marble painting

Fill the tray with water. 


Step 2

Marble painting

Decide which colours of varnish to use and unscrew the lids ready to go. This will save time.


Step 3

Marble painting

Quickly and carefully pour a few drops of your chosen colours onto the surface of the water and then give them a little swirl with a cocktail stick. Act fast before it dries!


Step 4

Marble painting

Hold the front of your object flat against the surface of the water for about three seconds. The nail varnish should transfer onto it. If necessary, roll it across the surface to make sure you don't miss any. Lift it up to reveal the print. Put it aside to dry. Cool!

Marble painting


Top tip: Remove any remaining traces of varnish from the water's surface using your cocktail stick!

Make sure you do this activity in a well ventilated room or - even better - outside, and only do it for a short time.


Have you tried our marvellous magic marble painting? Let us know how it went by leaving a comment, below!

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