Lola Titcombe, 7

Lola checks out the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

My assignment was to check out the West End musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it was amazing! The set was really cleverly designed and looked fantastic, and there were lots of good songs in it, too. My favourite part was when Veruca Salt wanted a squirrel and Willy Wonka said "no', so she tried to get one herself! The Oompa-Loompas came out riding on squirrels and chased her into a hole where the bad nuts go. It was really funny!

If you love the book and the films, I think you will really love this show as it is true to the original but has lots of extra fun and songs. I had an amazing time and highly recommend it!

Lola checks out the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

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I really like this musical too! Although I haven't seen it, i know nearly all the songs off by heart and..... I love it! Wish I could go and I totally recommend Matilda the musical to anyone who hasn't seen it!
wow!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!
awesome!!!! you're very lucky!!! sounds lots of fun!!!!
That sounds awesome! My favorite part of the story was when Violet eats the gum that Willy Wonka hadn't perfected yet! She turned into a Blueberry!
wow !!!!! hope you have fun
that's cool !!!
That sounds fun!
really cool i have been there to

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