Katie Fitch, 11

My year group at school was lucky enough to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter and have an assembly in the Hogwarts' Great Hall. It was a really great experience!

We started off by sitting in the Great Hall, at the long banquet tables seen in the films, to have our first assembly of the year.  And then we explored some of the sets and props seen on screen. We visited Hagrid's Hut, The Potions Classroom, Privet Drive, and saw Mr Weasley's Ford Anglia and The Knight Bus! We also saw Diagon Alley with all of its shops, and a model of the entire Hogwarts' Castle, which is actually 24 times smaller than the castle it is based on! The most amazing thing for me was the model of Hogwarts' Castle - it was amazing just how detailed and accurately painted it was. 

A Tyrannosaurus’ teeth were the size of bananas!

What's YOUR favourite reptile?