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Imagine living your life on the road, exploring the world one country at a time... That’s exactly what our NG KiDS’ junior bloggers, Pepeijn and Romeq, are doing right now. Globetrotting in their family’s motorhome, each day holds a new adventure, and every month they’ll be telling us about all the amazing things they’ve been up to!

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Hello NG KiDS readers!

12 August 2016


In Pepeijn and Romeq's first blog, we learn about the boys’ awesome African adventures!

Hey NG KiDS, welcome to our Junior Travellers Blog! My brother Pepeijn, (14) and me, Romeq, (12) have been travelling the world in an off-road truck for over 500 days now! Of course, we’re not on our own, but with our parents, Nelke and Frans

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Pepeijn and Romeq's home is wheelie cool!

We have everything we need on board our truck which is a little bit like your house - only on big wheels! Sure we have less space, but we have the whole world to play in. Currently we are in Namibia, Southwest Africa. I suppose you may call us modern nomads… We love this lifestyle!


My school books, tests and exams are the same as yours, only my mum is my teacher, and my dad sends my work to teachers back home via the internet. So far, we’ve had good results - phew! 


Our favourite part of our schooling are the hands-on field trips we get to do. We have spent time with the Himba and the Damara tribes, seen lions up close in Etosha National Park, been on an African drum course in the slums and touched a cheetah!

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Pepeijn and Romeq's school trips are pretty hands-on!

Constantly being on the move means we’re always prepared for the unexpected - we carry a camera, binoculars, a survival knife and pepper spray at all times.


We are now in the capital of Namibia. Do you know the name of it? 


Farewell until our next adventure! 


Pepeijn and Romeq


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