Henri Fenner-Leitao, 10

My assignment was to check out the Natural History Museum’s (NHM) Big Nature Day! I was very lucky to go behind the scenes to meet Tim, the fossil expert, who was in charge of sea urchins and starfish. He showed me around his collection and I noticed that most of the fossils were from Lyme Regis in Dorset as it used to be the sea. The museum also has the first dinosaur fossil EVER found, which is stored among the six huge football-field sized floors of archives! I also found out about Big Nature Day, which happens once a year to show kids and their parents about the varieties of wildlife in the UK. It is in the Darwin Centre Courtyard under a big marquee with games including apple dipping, dressing up as a human bee specimen and coming face to face with snakes and lizards! I can’t wait to go next year!

Lightning can make the air around it five times hotter than the sun’s surface!

What's YOUR favourite reptile?