Hannah Dunstan, 12


Did you know you can sleep in London Zoo?! I braved loose cockroaches for my Junior Reporter Assignment with my friends, Lucy and Jessica, and my mum! We slept in B.U.G.S, home to hundreds of animals including butterflies, jellyfish and naked mole rats. The fun started with tracking down Partula Snails and a fascinating talk on stick insects and giant snails. I interviewed Don, the zoo's Senior Keeper, who's been involved in some amazing work. He said that every day is different and he has even rescued species that might only be alive in the Zoo! We then had an exclusive night tour of the Zoo. When we went to see the lions, I put my hand to the glass and the lioness pressed her nose on the other side! It was great! Thanks NGK! 

Moon dust smells like burnt gunpowder

What's YOUR favourite reptile?