Gracie Joslin, 8

For my junior reporter assignment I went to see the new Disney film, Planes 2 - Fire and Rescue. I then had an exciting day out where I got to interview the Rescue Service - Police, Fire and Ambulance. I also spoke to the Planes 2 film makers Bobs and Ferrell who told me all about making the movie.

After the interviews, I was invited to fly in a helicopter with Bobs and Ferrell and learned how they made the scenery of the film. And finally, at the end of the day, I got to dress up as a firefighter and put out a 3-metre-high fire with a real firefighter hose! I had an amazing day and wish I could do it again!

Check out my video and interviews here!

Interview with the Fire and Rescue Service

Gracie: So, what are your jobs?

Rescue services: Well, we have to save people, really! For instance, police keep people safe and when they aren’t there, the air ambulance helps. The firefighters rescue people, and we all generally risk our lives to do it.


G: How many times are you roughly called out in a year?

RS: You can only say days really for this question!

G: So how many times a day?

RS: On a good day, two or three, on a normal day, five or six, and on a bad day, nine or ten!


G: How many lives have you saved?

RS: That's a tough one to answer! Errr...lots!


G: When there's a forest fire, what happens to the animals?

RS: They either escape or dig a hole and wait for it to pass over.

Gracie interviews rescue services and film makers for Planes 2

Interview with Film Makers Bobs and Ferrel

Gracie: When did you start making Planes 2?

Film makers: Four years ago - the same time as they started making the first film, Planes.


G: Did you also make Planes?

FM: No, unfortunately we couldn't make two films at once.


G: Why did you decide to make this one about Fire and Rescue?

FM: We wanted people to appreciate what the rescue teams do for us.


G: If you were going to make a Planes 3, where would Dusty go next?

FM: We would have to ask people where they would want him to go - where would you want him to go? 


G: Well, maybe there's a robbery and Dusty has to solve the crime?

FM: That's a good idea! Maybe...


Planes 2: Fire and Rescue
flies into cinemas 8 August!

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I love the report!!!! They asked really good questions!!!!!!!
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Lucky you Gracie
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Maybe Dusty is blamed for a murder in Planes 3
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