Daisy Rogers, 10

Daisy at Dinosaurs Unleashed, the Eden Project

My friends and I had the opportunity to check out Eden Project’s latest adventure down in Cornwall - Dinosaurs Unleashed. When we arrived we could hear roaring and wondered where it was coming from. We were led to the Crater of the Tyrant King and as we walked in the roaring got louder and louder, until we saw a full size T-rex eating its prey! It was so life-like and gory. After we got out, we encountered an escaped dinosaur - and it tried to eat someone! We also got to dig for dinosaur fossils - we had so much fun. Thanks National Geographic Kids

Daisy at Dinosaurs Unleashed, the Eden Project

To check out the exhibition Dinosaurs Unleashed, venture over to the Eden Project before 2 September.

Your Comments

I guess you might of been scared Daisy I woudnt of been or you might not of been scared.
It looks great fun. I want to go there too!
It was only a set and they also had ice cream given to them aready what i am trying to say is it's a fake set .
I think they went on a set and ate icecreem
I can't hear aniythng over the sound of how awesome this article is.
Did you scream
Did u see a big tt rex
I like it and now I want to go there

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