Charlotte Lowe, 9

For my assignment, my family and I were invited to check out Legoland Resort in Windsor! We met Legoland's model-maker, Giorgio, who gave us a tour, explaining all of the different models and telling us lots of interesting facts. I even got to interview Giorgio, too. It was lots of fun! I asked him questions such as, "What's your favourite model and why?" He answered that his favourite model is the red baby dinosaur in its shell, because it felt like a pet to him. Did you know that there are around 80 million Lego pieces in Legoland?! Model-makers also don't use any instructions to build all of these models - they just copy them from pictures! Afterwards, we went on lots of awesome rides like Fairy-tale Brook, with it's brand new models, and Duploland Splash Valley, where we got soaking wet. We had a FANTASTIC time!

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