Ayanna Davis, 11

For my NG Kids junior reporter assignment I travelled to Greenwich (the world centre of time and space) to get the inside scoop of the making of Thor: The Dark World - Marvel's most awesome Super Hero Blockbuster to date! I was taken around several points in Greenwich, including The Royal Observatory, The Old Naval Royal College and some historical areas too, where scenes of the movie were shot. The whole day was extremely enjoyable. I learnt a bit about history, art (The Painted Hall) and film-making, but the coolest part was standing by Thor's Hammer -Mjolnir!

Your Comments

Wow amazing wish I was you
Nice trip, Ayanna!!!
WOW! I was just checking out this site when I saw you! it must of been a great experience and your writing skills are still as great as ever. Well Done!
You are really lucky, Ayana!
I loved where you went it looked so cool
wow! I am jealous I wanna be a NGK reporter too
guess u had loads of fun out there in greenwich!
You are a reporter in the making. I just love this piece, especially the pictures. Keep up the good work.
What an opportunity! Great report! I can feel the power of Thor in your words.
Sounds like great fun! It sounds like you learnt lots and had an unforgettable experience!

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