Alexandra Shepherd, 11

Alexandra goes pond dipping!

For my junior reporter assignment, I was invited to attend the premier of The Nut Job in Leicester Square, London. Before the film there were fun activities in the foyer and refreshments. The film, which we saw in 3D, was about a family of squirrels trying to break into a nut shop. It was very funny!  After the film we were taken to Hampstead Heath (a big park in London), where we met our Ranger, Heidi. We went pond dipping and checked out some creatures like newts, pond-skaters and water-mites.  Afterwards, we went bug hunting. We found lots of bugs and insects which Heidi identified as woodlice, moths and grasshoppers. Sadly, we didn't get to see any squirrels, though - but maybe next time!

Alexandra checks out The Nut Job!

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