Adam Allam, 9

In November I went on a trip to Donna Nook seal sanctuary in Lincolnshire. It was amazing. It's the largest grey seal sanctuary in the UK — the day we visited there were 200 baby seals (pups), 412 mummy seals (cows) and 315 very noisy daddy seals (bulls), all right in front of us. I think Donna Nook is a little secret that not many people know about, but I think that other kids would really enjoy it!

Sadly, since Adam visited Donna Nook, NG Kids has been informed that the sanctuary was badly damaged by a huge storm in early December. Find out how your family can help Donna Nook and the wildlife there by visiting

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The seals are cute adam i wish i was there to see the seals.
How sweet !
Wonderful .... We wish you more success and excellence ... Zakaria family

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