Willow Hunter, 9

I won a competition in NG Kids for me and my class to visit a banana ripening centre with Bananagrams! We had a really fun day at FYFFES banana factory where we learnt lots of facts about bananas. Did you know that the word banana comes from the ancient Arabic for finger? I love playing Bananagrams, too - it's a really cool game!

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Tabitha Berry, 13


Tabitha re-enacts The Hunger Games!

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Ella Heger, 10


Ella heads to the book launch of Tom Gates: Extra Special Treats (...Not)

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Tom Stevens, 9


Tom makes a slippery snake pencil case!

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Adam Allam, 9


Adam heads to Donna Nook seal sanctuary in Lincolnshire!

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The sunset on Mars appears blue.

What's YOUR favourite reptile?