Nayra and Alaya, 8 and 5

Nayra and Alaya at the beach

We went to Carraroe beach, a coral beach in Conemara, Ireland, where we saw lots of fascinating shore crabs and lots of jellyfish, too! There were big, small and tiny jellyfish swimming in the water and we even saved a jellyfish. It was being pushed to shore by the incoming tide and couldn't swim back because it was too far in. As we watched, it landed on the sand and wasn't able to swim, so we used a net to catch it and brought it back into deeper ocean where we set it free!

Your Comments

that was very nice of you
I like jellyfish
this is wonderful
Ur so lucky!
I love the seaside
I heard about it on the magazine
Cool jellyfish!!
Wow cool
Wow that looks ever so awesome .
I love the sea

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