Naina Shah, 12

Rock War

For my NG Kids Junior Reporter assignment I was sent to interview Robert Muchamore at the launch for his new book series, Rock War. Rock War is a series about four different kids who form bands and enter a big competition called 'Rock War'.

When I arrived, I instantly got to interview Robert. Then I had some delicious food and got to listen to the band who won the real-life Rock War competition! I received a signed copy of Rock War, a guitar pick and a drawstring bag, too. It was a great night!

Check out what Robert had to say...

Naina: Hi Robert! So, what inspired you to write these books?
Robert: I was first inspired to write Rock War because a lot of my fans were really interested in rock music - and I saw them wearing rock music t-shirts and talking about shows like the X-Factor. So, I thought it would be interesting to write about a show like that.

Naina: Did you base any of the characters on yourself or people you know?
Robert: Not really - it's actually very hard when you write a story to base characters on real people. Usually the story kind of defines what a character should be like and how they act, so taking a real person and fitting them into stories is really hard.

Naina: How would you describe this series of books?
Robert: Rock War tells the story of four different kids who form bands to take part in this big competition called Rock War. At the end of the series, one of these kids is going to become a big star, and the others are going to go back to living fairly normal lives. I think the big intrigue of the series is which one becomes the big star at the end!

Naina: Which authors or books have inspired you?
Robert: I think lots of authors have inspired me. My favourite books when I was a young boy were the Asterix books - I just used to love reading those over and over again.

Naina: Finally, do you have any advice for young aspiring writers?
Robert: I think the biggest piece of advice I’ve got for young writers is to try writing lots of different things - write a horror story, write a love story, write a serious story. It's important to experiment with your writing because that's how you learn what you’re good at. 

Naina: Thanks for answering our questions, Robert! 

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