Joanna Vajifdar, 8

For my National Geographic Kids Junior Reporter assignment, I visited the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London to see their 'Feathers and Flight' event. There were owls, ravens, crows and much more! If you are a Harry Potter film fan, the studio is well worth a visit. You get to see the props used in the movies, learn how the scenes were filmed - and you can even fly a car and a broom!


During my visit, I was lucky enough to interview head animal trainer Julie Tottman. Here's what she had to say... 

: Hi Julie! Your job as head animal trainer for the Harry Potter films must have been really exciting. How and when did you start training animals?
Julie: I first started training animals when I was 19. When I left school I was a dog hairdresser, which was fun, but I actually started training animals for films when I was 19 years old.

Joanna: In the Harry Potter films you must have had a number of similar looking animals for each animal character. Which character had the most animal actors?
Julie: I think probably Hedwig the owl. He was the worst behaved of the lot, so we had to have lots of doubles for him!

: Which was the most fun animal character to train?
Julie: I really enjoyed training the dogs, but I think I had the most fun with Crookshanks the cat.

Joanna: Animals can be unpredictable - was there one that caused trouble?
Julie: Hedwig - all the time!

: What has been your most exciting job so far and why?
Julie: I loved all the Harry Potter films of course because there was such a variety of animals - we had toads, monkeys, rats and all kinds of things! I'd say the third Harry Potter film was my favourite.

Joanna: Are there any species that you haven’t worked with that you would like to?
Julie: I'd love to work with dolphins. I haven't had the chance yet, but one day I will.

Joanna: I bet that will be amazing! Thanks for answering my questions, Julie!  

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Ive been there and its sooooooo cool and harry potters aremy favourite films and the studios is sooooooo epic!!!!!!!! !
Omg!!! I love Harry P and I wish I could go to hogwarts!
Must of been a cool day out

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