Hannah Riordan, 7

Hannah Slieve Aughty Riding Centre

I love horses because they are so sweet - they are one of my favourite animals! My riding school is called Slieve Aughty Riding Centre. My favourite pony is Robin and my favourite horse is Collin. I love tacking up Robin and all the other ponies. I can only get up on Robin and another pony called Freddie, because Freddie is really small and Robin's stirrups are really easy to pull down and get my feet into. Robin isn’t always that good with children so that makes me feel special that she loves me and I love her! My riding school also has 3 dogs - Moo Moo, Max and a little, old dog! I love my riding school!

Your Comments

Cool girl lila
I have a horse called Kayleigh
This is bare cool man!!!
that. Looks. Good. I love horses too! I am taller than you though so I go on bigger ponies like Dolly, my horse. I hope you grow up to be an amazing rider!
just like me , love horses too
These horses are so cute hannah

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