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I love animals - if I could, I'd live in a zoo! Recently, I went on a trip to Sydney, Australia, and whilst there, I managed to go to Koala Park and Taronga Zoo. This is me feeding a kangaroo at Koala Park. There were lots of different animals there. One of the creatures that really interested me and that I'd like to know more about is the grey-headed flying fox! 

I love NG Kids - I get the magazine each month and the posters are all over my wall!

Your Comments

I love animals too! the kangeroo looks so cute
Wish I was there! Love BlueBaboon
A wonderful job. Super helpful information
I have been ther!
I love wild animals
Sounds cool!
She was really lucky. The picture is so cute!
I love animals . That is so cool . Thanks
I love animals too, and I think that what you wrote is great!

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