Thunderbirds Are Go is blasting its way back onto our screens!

Thunderbirds Are Go TV series

Love Thunderbirds Are Go? Find out what rescue mission awaits the team in the next episode, Breakdown.

The Thunderbirds Are Go TV series follows the adventures of secret life-saving organisation, International Rescue. The Tracy family - along with a little help from their technologically advanced fleet of vehicles - are on-hand to perform rescue missions when conventional rescue techniques just won't cut it!

We've got insider knowledge on the exciting next episode, plus a test to discover if YOU'VE got what it takes to join the International Rescue team...


So what's next for our favourite gang of rescuers?

An expedition to explore the deep interior of a glacier goes terribly wrong when the entry tunnel caves in, trapping the team of scientists inside.

Thunderbirds Are Go TV series

Virgil is called away on his birthday to help save them. Working against Virgil, however, is an unstable glacier and an epic storm on the surface. To complicate matters even more, one of the scientists refuses to go up with the rescue pod – his research is too important to abandon at this critical moment.

Thunderbirds Are Go TV series

Virgil now must find him before complete collapse and convince the scientist that his life is worth more than this discovery. Will Virgil manage to save the day? Watch Breakdown, the new episode of Thunderbirds Are Go, this Saturday, 8.30am, on ITV and CITV, to find out!


Have you got what it takes to join in the International Rescue Team?

Tackle these tricky Thunderbirds Are Go missions to find out. The countdown is on...

Mission one!

Thunderbirds Are Go TV series

Mission two!

Thunderbirds Are Go TV series

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And don't forget to collect your challenges and collect badges, too.

Watch new episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go every Saturday at 8.30am on CITV/ITV.

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