Prepare for magical mayhem with the return of The Worst Witch!

The Worst Witch special edition book

Have you spotted The Worst Witch crash-landing on your screens? Prepare for some hilarious hocus pocus, gang…


Not only can you catch The Worst Witch on CBBC, but to celebrate there’s a brand new special edition of the book, too!


What’s the story?

The Worst Witch special edition book

Mildred Hubble’s school is not like your average. Yes, it’s got classrooms, teachers and homework but there’s one spell-binding difference - Mildred’s school is Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches! 


That means learning how to cast spells, conjure potions and fly a broomstick - but Mildred’s making an awful mess of it. She can’t seem to get her spells right and she keeps crashing her broomstick! 


When she turns Ethel - the teacher’s pet - into her her worst enemy, chaos ensues in a series of disastrous adventures. It's bewitching!


Meet the enchanting characters!



The Worst Witch special edition book

Mildred has a reputation for being the worst pupil in the school! But make no mistake, she’s kind-hearted and fun, too!



The Worst Witch special edition book

Mildred’s best friend, Maud is fiercely loyal and is often to thank for getting Mildred out of her many scrapes!



The Worst Witch special edition book

One of Mildred’s closest friends, Enid is warm-hearted and friendly, occasionally getting herself into trouble in her attempt to befriend people!


Make sure you catch the cool new series and special edition book, out now!

The Worst Witch special edition book


See the trailer at and discover the magic, here!


Text and illustrations: © Jill Murphy 1974. TV series images: Licensed by ZDF Enterprises GmbH, Mainz 2016. © BBC CPL MMXV & 2015.

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