London Pet Show 2014!

Calling all pet lovers! The London Pet Show 2014 is back in town!

Steve Backshall

This exciting event will take place at Earls Court One, London, on 17 and 18 May. And this year, wildlife explorer Steve Backshall will be there with a whole host of fascinating animals from his Deadly programmes - including brilliant birds of prey, monsters of the swamp and some seriously jaw-some critters!

Guests will also get to meet and learn about incredible creatures that make fab pets - from beautiful birds to slithery snakes, brilliant bugs to amazing aquatic animals!


Zoo Bus at London Pet Show

Fancy getting up close and personal with some of these incredible creatures? Then be sure to head to the Zoo Bus where super-cool reptiles will be brought out for you to hold...if you dare!

AnimalMan, Nick Spellman

NG Kids will be there, too, with our very own AnimalMan, Nick Spellman. Come see us! 

For more information and to buy tickets visit And check this out  - National Geographic Kids readers will receive 15% off tickets by quoting KIDS. Awesome!

Your Comments

I LOVE ANIMALS .........................................................
I wish I could of gone there
lolApic 2222
when is the next one??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Amazing ! I once held a snake as long as a school bus. It felt very slimy , cool and gross . I had a great time.
Steve Blackhsall is the most fearlass person to do this!I think ?!
Cool really cool
Nice!!! I wish I was there
This is a great website, really like Steve Backshall! Wish I had gone to the show( sad face )
cool and scary
That looks really cool

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