5 fast facts about Monster Trucks’ Creech!

 Monster Trucks movie

Listen up gang, Creech - the mysterious subterranean creature in new movie, Monster Trucks - is like nothing you’ve ever seen before!


Find out what makes him different, and the other awesome animals he compares to! 


1. Creech is a tentacled creature, a little bit like an octopus

Did you know that octopuses use their tentacles to swim and ‘walk’ along the sea floor? Not only that, but they can actually regrow tentacles if they lose one! 

Monster Trucks movie


2. He can live underwater and on land

Much like amphibians such as frogs, toads and salamanders - cool!

Monster Trucks movie


3. Just like fish, Creech’s skin shimmers when he’s underwater

Fish like herring use this technique as camouflage in the ocean, scattering light and helping to conceal them from predators! 

Monster Trucks movie


4. Creech has bright red eyes

Like the red-eyed tree frog, whose habitat is the rainforests of Central and South America

Monster Trucks movie


5. He has super strength

Even with a truck on his back, he can climb up walls! One of the strongest creatures in the animal kingdom is the leaf cutter ant. These mighty insects can carry vegetation in their jaws 50 times their own body weight - that’s the same as a human lifting a truck by their teeth!

Monster Trucks movie


Check out the awesome movie!

Monster Trucks movie

Buckle up for a monster of an adventure - zooming into cinemas on Boxing Day!


Looking for a way to escape the life and town he was born in, high school senior Tripp builds a Monster Truck out of bits and pieces of scrap cars.


When an accident at a nearby oil-drilling site displaces a strange and subterranean creature, Tripp stumbles across an unlikely friend - and a super-sized escape plan!

See the unimaginable friendship unfold and watch as Creech - a big friendly monster with a selfie-worthy smile, numerous slimy tentacles and a need for speed - helps Tripp realise his dream!


Melding cutting edge visual effects and state-of-the-art CGI, Monster Trucks is an action-filled family adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat!


Watch the trailer!


Catch Monster Trucks in cinemas on Boxing Day!


Monster Trucks movie

Movie images: Paramount Pictures. Wildlife images: Getty

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