How to play Animal Jam

How to play Animal Jam

Excited to play Animal Jam but no idea where to start? We explain step-by-step instructions on how to play Animal Jam, and how to make the most of your time in Jamaa! 

How to play Animal Jam

Firstly, if you're wondering 'What is Animal Jam?' then make sure you check out our awesome article with everything you need to know about the colourful game. If you're a newly-joined 'Jammer' (player) and are looking for some advice on how to play Animal Jam and where to begin - you've come to the right place!

Getting started

How to play Animal Jam

- Visit

- Click 'Play now' to play for free.

- Click 'Create an animal'.

Creating an animal

How to play Animal Jam

- Choose what animal you'd like to be, then click 'Next'.

- Choose a name for your animal, either by selecting one from each column, or pull the lever to activate the random name generator!

- Fill out your details like your name and birthday and create your Animal Jam username and password - you'll use these everytime you play Animal Jam.

- Click 'Next'.

How to play Animal Jam

- Ask your parent or guardian to confirm their email address so you can start playing.

- Make sure you give their email address and not your own, in case Animal Jam ever need to contact your parents/guardian about your account.

- Agree to the Animal Jam rules to keep Jamaa a fun and safe place to play.

- Click the 'Play' button to get jamming! 

Now, let's learn how to play Animal Jam!

How to play Animal Jam

Now that you've created your animal - here at NG Kids, we just couldn't resist being a white, fluffy seal! - you're ready to explore the world of Jamaa!


You'll find your animal has landed in one of the many 'worlds' that make up Jamaa. Move around by clicking on an area you want to move to or using the arrow keys on your keyboard. 

Meeting other Jammers

How to play Animal Jam

Interact with other Jammers by clicking on their name - you can add them as a buddy, visit their den (a Jammer's house), or chat to them using the text box and emojis at the bottom of the screen.


To visit other 'lands', simply select the globe in the right hand corner of the screen and click on the area you want to explore!

How to play Animal Jam

When you encounter a new plant or animal species, click it to learn more about it! You'll unlock fab facts and information to store in your Journey Book to look at later.


 You'll meet all sorts of wildlife in Jamaa, including flamingos, tapirs and honeybees!

How to play Animal Jam

Finding more cool content

While you're in Jamaa, enter doorways to find rooms and areas where you can play games, buy accessories with 'gems' (virtual money you can spend in Jamaa), and meet new Jammers, too.


You'll even find cool extra content like printable activity sheets to colour in and some awesome National Geographic video content!

How to play Animal Jam

You can use your gems in exchange for all sorts of cool stuff, like decorating your den, buying accessories for your animal, and even buying your own pet! 


And don't forget to keep an eye out on Animal Jam's Daily Explorer blog, for more more exciting Animal Jam content!

Do you play Animal Jam? Leave us a comment with your game-play tips below!

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i play animal jam and its great fun especially when you hanging out with your friends and i enjoy playing games and having fun all the time without animal jam i don't know what i would do!
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