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Are you a fan of the How To Train Your Dragon book series by Cressida Cowell? Want to find out more about these super-cool stories? Well, to celebrate the release of How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury - the final title in this series - we're giving you the chance to ask Cressida your own question! What's more, you could win a copy of the new book, too!

The future of the dragon world is in serious danger. If Alvin the Treacherous succeeds in his quest to be crowned King of the Wilderwest, he'll begin a reign of terror that will destroy dragons everywhere. Yikes! There’s only one guy who can save the day - our young Viking hero Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. Will Hiccup be able to defeat Alvin before it’s too late? We sure hope so! 

How To Train Your Dragon

Out 8 September 2015

If you have something you’d like to ask Cressida, leave your question in the comments box below, along with your name and email address (don't worry, we won't publish your contact details - it's just so we can get in touch if you win!). Perhaps you'd like to know more about your favourite character in the How To Train Your Dragon series? Or see if Cressida has any tips on how to become a top author? It can be anything you’d like to ask!

Cressida Cowell, author of How To Train Your Dragon

We’ll put the best questions to Cressida - and if yours is picked, you’ll win a copy of How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury. Cool!

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I love this book it looks awesome and I even bought this book How to fight a dragon's fury cannot wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have to read it its amazing
its a cool book
I have a question. What day is the Black Star Celebration?
The book is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
What made you decide to have hiccup be the 3rd? and why did you decide for him to be the hero of the story?
Where did you get inspiration to write your wonderful set of books? How long did it take you to write it? Nicole Richards
Where did you get inspiration for How To Train your Dragon because dragons don't exist? Nicole Richards Sorry, I forgot to put my contact details on the comment. Do I win the prize?
Where did you get inspiration for How To Train your dragon, as there are no dragons in the World?
How did you come up with all the ideas for the characters in the first place?
Cressida, I'm a huge fan of your How To Train Your Dragon series! I've read every single book at least twice. They keep me, an 18 year old, entertained. They are well written and I love them. I just wish I could read them with my own Toothless. I'm on Hiccup's side. I want dragons to live in peace and us humans to stop using them as slaves. Hopefully, that happens in the last Book. I also don't like Alvin.
What do you think about the film company taking your idea and changing it completely? The film was very different from your book. I liked How to Train your Viking best. Toothless is really naughty in it!
Do you enjoy writing your books and how did you come up with the idea of writing how to train your dragon books?
Hey Cressida, how did you get the inspiration for Camicazi? If you relate to Hiccup, what do people like Snotlout and Stoick mean to you personally?
IN one book, Alvin seems to be afraid of his mom, but in the next, he appreciates her more, and is less likely to imprison her in a tree trunk. Can you explain Alvin's backstory, when his mother was imprisoned twenty years ago, and everything else that would have motivated him?
Why is Toothless so bossy?
I have read all your books watched the 2 movies and the series on netflix they are all great. My question is where did you get the inspiration for your first book also why is Camicazi not in the tv series
Did you realised when you stated writing than your books will capture the imagination of children and adults alike and it would go as viral as it has. My 5 year old has learn to read and write as well as drawing thanks to the adventures of hiccup and friends, thank you
how do you think of all these things isn't it hard?
who and what inspired you to write these amazing books Cressida ?
Dan Coughlan
Dear Cressida,do you know if Dean Deblois is going to make a live action version of How to train your dragon?
Wow, this book looks great!
Jamie Patterson
If you had to be one of the characters who would you be or what inspired you to write how to train your dragon
Why did you choose dragons?
How did you come up with all the names for all the species of dragons. Cheers
If you could ride any dragon from any of your books which one would it be and why?
Hi i have read all of the how to train a dragon books and was wondering how did you think of hiccup as a name?thanks
I love your books, best I've ever read.Do you think when scientists discovered dinosaurs they might have actually discovered dragons but the wings could of faded away over the years?
Hello Cressida, I am an incredibly enthusiastic reader of your books and have always wondered why you decided to put Vikings with dragons and not maybe, the Romans or the Celts for example? I would also like to ask you why the hero of your books is the smallest and most unpromising Viking of the Hairy Hooligan tribe( no offense Hiccup). I can not wait for the new book, it looks awesome!!!
Hiccup the god
Hi I really like the How To Train Your Dragon series and I have every book.Where do you get your inspiration from for the dragons and Vikings.
Hi Cressida I love the How To Train Your Dragon series and have been reading them since I was 6. Was it your childhood aspiration to become an author and when you look back, do you feel you have achieved everything you have wanted to achieve? Thank you! xxx
Which dragons are going to be in your next book? I love dragons!
Toothless and Stormfly
Are any of your characters inspired by someone you know?
Wolf the Dog
Hi Cressida I just wanted to know how do you come up with characters with such depth in them. Do you make one up and go along with it or do you think it all out before starting?Thank you! I can not wait for How To Fight a Dragon's Fury to come out!
Which book do you like the most in the series?
Hi Cressida, Who is your favourite character out of all the characters in your books and why?
Hello, Cressida Cowell. I have always wondered how you manage to make up the names for the dragons. The names sound like they are from a fantasy world but are not extremely silly. How do you do it?
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