Be Enchanted by Song of the Sea!

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Prepare for an adventure like no other in the fantastic new film Song of the Seain cinemas now!

This amazing animation tells the story of young Ben and his little sister, Saoirse. After being taken to the city to live with their granny, the pair embark on an exciting journey in an attempt to return to their home by the sea.

Song of the Sea

But Saoirse is no ordinary girl - she's a 'seal-child' (also called a selkie) and can change from human to seal when wearing her magical coat and venturing into the ocean. Wow! Join the daring duo as they travel through a land of legends and come face to face with enchanted spirits, fairies, witches and other mythical creatures!

Song the The Sea

Will Saoirse and Ben make it back home safely? We sure hope so!

Discover the Mysteries of Irish Folklore!

Ever heard any stories from Irish mythology? In Song of the Sea, you'll get to meet super-cool characters from age-old Irish tales! Let's take a look at some of them...

Song of the Sea

In the olden days, many fishermen in Ireland thought seals contained the souls of people lost at sea. They also believed that they could be selkies, like Saoirse in the movie, and take human form on land!

Mac Lir

The god of the sea in Irish mythology is called Mac Lir. In the movie, Ben tells his sister stories of Mac Lir's adventures, and the sad face of this ancient deity can be seen entombed on an island near the childrens’ home. Looks creepy, huh?

Song of the Sea

One of the film’s quirkiest characters is the Great Seanachai, who Ben meets down a magical well! A seanachai is a traditional storyteller in Ireland, who learns the tales from old generations and passes them on to the next one.

Song of the Sea was created by Cartoon Saloon. If you enjoyed their first movie The Secret Kells, you'll love this one, gang!

Catch Song of the Sea in cinemas from 10 July 2015

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I can't wait for this movie to come out! It looks great!

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