Animal Kingdom: Let's Go Ape!

Brace yourselves for a wacky adventure like no other in Animal Kingdom: Let's Go Ape!

Catch Animal Kingdom: Let's Go Ape this half term in Vue cinemas!

This wild film takes you back two million years, deep into the Savanna desert to meet Edward, the eldest son of a primate king. When Edward was born, he was considered too small and weak for his tough tribe, and banished to be brought up in secret... 

Animal Kingdom: Let's Go Ape!

But as he gets older, Edward realises he’s no ordinary ape, and it’s not long before he discovers things that no creature has before - such as fire, hunting, love and, most importantly, hope. Will our hairy hero be able to teach his fellow primates a new way of doing things...?

Be prepared for a real rumble in the jungle and howls of laughter as the primates come to realise evolution isn’t just monkey business after all!

Animal Kingdom: Let's Go Ape!

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Wow I think thats really imaginative
looks good yeeeet
I really want to watch it. It looks so cool and funny!!!
so cool I want to whach it.
cool looks good ill get it on dvd
I am going into the cinema to watch it right now!
I am going to watch it right now!
Cool! Looks good!
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