Help Raise Money for Children in Need!

It's time to come together, gang, and make a change for the better with Children in Need!

BBC Children in Need is a UK charity that works to improve the lives of disadvantaged children across the UK. And on Friday 15 November 2013, this year's BBC Children in Need Appeal Night will be coming to our screens! Be sure to tune in as your favourite celebrities sing, dance and do all sorts of wacky things to help raise money!

To get some awesome ideas of how you can raise money in the run-up this exciting event, check out these cool videos from Emily Sharp's 15 ways to Fundraise for Children in Need series!

Cool, eh? Why not try out some of the activities yourselves? Just be sure to have your parent or guardian's permission, first!


For more info, and to check out more videos from Emily’s 15 ways to Fundraise for Children in Need series, click HERE. 


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I love these ides!
Heyy! Its Sharkbate and I think that this website is cool
i love children in need
I am hopefully going to go running around some parks. Thanks for the inspiration !!!!
I would love to help loads of people!
Help tem
I wish I had powers to save the world and give everyone the right amount of money to make them happy.
lets hep the world
lets be noticeable and take action toward this matter. they all need help to face this disaster
lets heLp the KIDS!!!!
you press the donate button!!!!!!
i love the videos!!! i raised £250 !!! thanks for the tips/help !!! :)
Beth -lol
This website is really great but for the money jar where is the template?
I want to raise money for children in need and be called a hero
I really want to raise money nut I don't have an idea what to do
I want to raise money

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