Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt!

Ancient Egyptians believed in more than 2,000 deities! They had gods for everything, from dangers to chores! Each had different responsibilities and needed to be worshipped so that life could be kept in balance. Check out our faves... 

Ra, Egyptian Sun God

Hawk-headed sun god Ra was one of the most important gods of all. He was gobbled up every night by the sky goddess Nut, then reborn every morning at sunrise.

Tefnut - Egyptian Goddess of Moisture

Controlling the rain and water, lion-headed Tefnut was the goddess of moisture. She was spat into existence by her dad, Ra, the sun god.

Bes - Egyptian God of Babies and Mums

A dwarf with lion features, little Bes's job was to look after babies and mums. He also protected against scorpion bites. And nightmares. What a guy!

This dog-faced deity was the god of embalming and the dead. Wild dogs, or jackals, were often seen hanging around in cemeteries, so it was thought they watched over people in the afterlife.

Sobek - Egyptian God of the Waterways

The god of the waterways, Sobek was a fierce protector of Egyptian people. He also liked to eat flesh. Live crocodiles were kept in pools at temples to honour him.

This blue pot-bellied fellow was the god of the Nile, responsible for the annual flooding of the great river. 

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