Cheeky seal hitches a ride on a kayak!

Seal hitches a lift on a kayak in the Firth of Forth

What do you do if you’re a seal and you fancy a rest, while swimming out at sea? Well, hitch a lift of course! 

That’s exactly what this cheeky character did while taking a dip in an estuary in Scotland, much to the surprise of the kayakers he snook up on.


Alistair Forrest, 40, was out paddling with a group of kayakers when he noticed the grey seal swimming alongside them.


After following the group for about a mile, the inquisitive creature decided to climb aboard, waddling up onto the front of Alistair’s kayak for a rest!


“I couldn’t believe it!” said Alistair, from Armadale in Scotland. “I was apprehensive at first as [the seal] was so heavy. But after that I was thrilled to be up so close!”

Seal hitches a lift on a kayak in the Firth of Forth

The friendly hitchhiker paused for a few moments, even giving Alistair’s hand a curious sniff, before jumping back into the water. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a seal-fie!


Half the world’s population of grey seals make their homes around the British coasts, and they're commonly found around Scotland.


These adorable mammals have a huge layer of blubber which keeps them warm while swimming in the chilly waters of the North Atlantic Ocean


From the looks of this seal - and its inquisitive nature - it was likely a juvenile having fun, but once full grown, they can weigh up to 300kgs. Wow!


You can check out the video, here. Enjoy!

Images: YouTube/TheKayakingkid

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